Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love One Another?

So if we call ourselves "Christians" or "Little Christs" by definition, then we are followers of the Scriptures.  The Scriptures preach love, for each other, for everyone really.  Just look at John 13:34, people will recognize us by our love. This is where the song "They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love" comes from as well.  Why then is that not what we are known as?  As Christians there are a host of things that we are known for, and typically love is not one of them.  There is this amazing set of Scriptures from Acts chapter 2 that really back up what love and community is supposed to look like for Christians.  

When we aren't following what the Scriptures say then we aren't being "Christians."  Simple thought right?  I know it's hard though.  It's crazy all the things we go through, how busy we are ect.  I got to thinking though, did you know fellow followers are sending missionaries to America?  Crazy thought right, that what some people believe to be a nation founded on Christian principles is having missionaries being sent to them..

So why don't we walk what we talk?  After all, it is that simple right?  To just keep our word.  That's what we should be doing all the time.  Keeping our word is a commandment, so if we aren't doing our job, not only is it a sin, it's a bad representation of what Christians are, we are supposed to be known as people of love, but we aren't, to the point that other countries are sending us missionaries to help.

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