Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So recently I've been reading this book by Doug Fields.  It's been a really good source of insight into the struggle of a daily relationship with Christ and steps to take to draw close to him.  Everything that I've read have reaffirmed thoughts that I have had on the subject.  Christ strives for a daily connection with us, he yearns for it, more than we can ever imagine.  There is this song, called "How He Loves" (lyrics) that starts off saying "He is jealous for me" and that's so true, Christ longs for that connection with us.  The thing we need to realize is, that it doesn't always come in the form of reading the Scriptures.

We can connect to Christ in things other than reading the scriptures.  We can connect through worship, prayer, evangelism, art, nature, the list goes on...It's a revolutionary thought, conveyed in depth in the podcast "Wind" from Mosaic church.

Connecting with Christ doesn't have to be something that takes 30 minutes of the day, it can be longer, it can be shorter, Christ just longs for that connection.  Sometimes we have to take small steps to get to the big stuff, so perhaps between tasks on the computer we stop to thank Him for providing for us, or maybe we do just stop for a moment and meditate on the daily verse that you get emailed to you everyday.  If we are looking through the small stuff for ways to connect to Christ, he will reveal himself to us, cause he is constantly wanting to be connected to us.

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