Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heard that was a good movie

"Hey Tommy, Seth's about to rent a movie, he's thinking about getting Brokeback Mountain"
"Cool, I've heard that it's a good one"
"Tommy do you know what that movie's about?"
"It's about two cowboys right?"
"Yes Tommy, two gay cowboys"
"Oh, I don't wanna watch it then"

So that's a dialogue that two of my friends had a few years back while I was in a movie store about to rent movies, today to my disgust, I watched the film for film class.  Now I don't hate gays, in the least bit, it's just when I watch a film, I try to involve myself in it, and there was no way that I could imagine myself as a gay person.

I think it's interesting how much controversy  came around the video when it was released.  Funny that people should raise a stink about it.  Sure it was a big deal and all that they made it into a feature film, but I really don't see the point.  You see Genesis 19:1-26 is as far as I can remember the first time a gay act is mentioned in the Bible, which would be pretty much recorded history as well, according to some scholars.  So this is an interesting thing, all these people freaking out about a gay movie, when for some of these same people, the first book of their "Holy Book" is mentioning the same thing, the same thing, WITH ANGELS, not just two ordinary men wanting to have some fun, these are men of a city, wanting to take angels....maybe it's cause they were beautiful who know, but still, anyway, the whole concept really grosses me out to a degree...

Here's the deal, we aren't called to hate them.  As Christians we are supposed to love them.  Even to the least of these is what Jesus said.  So here's the deal, no matter who or what a person is, we are supposed to love them.  We are also called to show them the error of their ways.  So think on that, that's what has been on my mind all day since I watched that video.

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