Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my Therapy (Blogging that is)

I don't post here as often as I should. I mean my last blog post was in February. However I will more than likely be blogging weekly this semester for a class. So look for a revamped blog with often posts coming then. At this point in time I have been writing a blog post a week for work, thus not really setting aside enough time to blog here. This is not an excuse, merely an explanation to cover what is to come.

On to blog time.

Honestly I never meant for this to become a blog about relationships. When dealing with relationships though is when I have the most on my mind to sort through typically.

What is worth fighting for in a relationship?
What does a Godly relationship look like?

Now I'm not just talking about like a significant other type relationship, but true friendship (which I consider to be a form of a relationship), and any other form of connection that could fit inside a relationship (such as family members ect.).

Now I'm not a relationship guru, honestly most would consider me a relationship dunce. I'm not good at maintaining relationships, I just kind of let them happen. Family relationships are the only things that I really put effort into. It's like I have expected relationships to work.

It hasn't been until this summer that I have really began to figure out what it means to maintain relationships. I have begun to notice things about relationships that I have so blindly missed before, that somehow now are beginning to make sense.

As someone in ministry, we aren't just simply expected to teach, we are called to be learning as well. The unique thing is standing before a group of people to teach them, and experiencing, (learning) what God has meant for you. This summer most of it has had a central focus on past relationship mistakes and how to overcome them.

Now I am beginning to see even clearer than before what makes a Godly relationship, and what is worth fighting for in a relationship. I have had it in my head at times that if a person really cares about the relationship that they will make sure it lasts. In the end this has just left me with a lot of unfulfilled relationships. A true relationship takes two people.

I have began trying this concept of making sure that if someone wants to develop a relationship with me, that I do my end to uphold that relationship. Fighting for the right things in a relationship and not for just what I want in a relationship. In doing so I have found more fulfilling friendships.

The key though to all of this has been taking the time to listen to what it is that God wants in my relationships, what he has been teaching me this summer. It has been a truly enlightening and personally growing experience. I'm excited to see what God has for future relationships.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How He Loves Us

Asking God to do something is an interesting thing. Honestly we have no idea how those prayers will be answered. The main thing is being able to step back and realize the gem that He has handed us.

I don't think people realize how much they influence each other. Sometimes I myself even forget the influence I have on others.

This past weekend a friend from high school started up a conversation with me, ironically about work of all things...

The amount of influence we have had on each other though in these past five days has been phenomenal. To the point that all that we can do is give the glory to God, because we know that what has happened is not any of our doing.

So back to my original statement. I've been in a rut lately. Caught up in life and not really moving anywhere spiritually. When I first began talking to this friend, I knew that I needed to get out of the rut, because they were going to hold me accountable, and it's not like the sort of accountability that my dad holds me to.

This is what I mean by influence. I don't think my friend even realizes that this has happened. But us talking to each other has not only lead to me moving out of the rut, but to the point of making a new trail, and considering possibilities that I would have never imagined last week. (Which seems really crazy for me to say).

So currently, I'm reading Isaiah and it's like a slap in the face for how I have been for a while now. I don't think people grasp things that the Israelites did to move them away from God. If people realized they would see that it's the same sorts of things that happen to us here, and God promised and allowed some nasty things to happen to them.

I'm very thankful and will be eternally thankful for the things that have happened in the past five days.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pity the man who falls and has no one to pick him up

Recently I have been assessing my relationship with Christ. I feel that this is something that is necessary with every follower, on a frequent basis. As I considered it there are some passages of Scripture that I believe come together to point to a way that our relationship should work. I highly doubt any of this is revolutionary, however I do feel obligated to share.

When the Bible talks about people doing things, they are typically doing them in pairs. From Genesis in the beginning with Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:18), to the disciples (Luke 10:1) and Paul's ministry (Acts 13:4) going out by two. This concept of it's not good for man to be alone, is not simply for emotional well being. I believe this is for spiritual well being. This concept of the accountability partner. Think about it. When we are surrounded by Christ followers we are going to be digging deeper, drawing closer to Christ. We need this fellowship in order to have a deeper relationship with Christ.

When I say fellowship though we aren't talking about our current modern idea of fellowship, where we all get together "to relax and enjoy ourselves." The fellowship that I speak of is New Testament fellowship, where believers met together to worship God, through song and the studying of Scriptures. They enjoyed doing this so much, they found such joy in this, that worshipping was their fellowship, it wasn't all fun and games like modern Christianity has turned it into.

As Christians, if we could grasp the need to hold each other accountable, the idea of being in constant connection with Christ, no telling the change we could make.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Faith Without Works, well that just ain't happenin'

In case you didn't know, the title is from a Rich Mullins song.
Secondly, this is indirectly about faith, not an entire post about faith.

So I'm currently reading a book, it's popular, though I don't really care for you to know what it is, because it really isn't necessary to know what I'm reading at the moment.

Here is the deal though, and I wrote about this two years ago, but in a different setting, so continue reading after the next paragraph, cause I promise you, this is different.

There are a lot of good books out there, however if we as Christians aren't actively seeking the Scriptures and putting them into practice, what makes us think that reading a book is going to change that?

Maybe reading a book is what will change your mind, give you that jolt to change. However, more than likely you are going to get a spiritual high, much like the church camp high and then four months later be looking for the next new book to put you back in line. That's why every four to six months some new book that is going to revolutionize your Christian walk comes out. But they are needed, because for some reason the current believers think that this is one of the few ways they will suddenly draw closer to Christ, that or through worship, or a dynamic speaker to name a few.

So what am I saying here really? Following Christ, this faith that we supposedly have, first off is a choice. We aren't going to experience one of those three things I have listed above and become a true follower of Christ. No something has to take place between those two things happening and that is known as a choice. We have to choose to change, and then stick to that commitment. But for some reason as Christians we don't want to. We may try for a little while, and maybe even reach a deeper walk with Christ, but then it's like we mark the notch in our belt and go back to our old lifestyle.

Here's the deal, we are called to a life of change. Not a moment of change. So in essence faith without works, it just isn't happening: meaning, it's not a one time deal, it's not going to the salvation army and making food boxes, it's not helping with disaster relief, it's not donating to a homeless shelter.

What it is, is taking what we read in the Bible (because it has to start there, you can't start with something you read from a book, after all, how do you know if what you read in that book is Bible based) and making it a part of your lifestyle. And technically it shouldn't even be referenced as your lifestyle it should be referenced as Christ's lifestyle that you are trying to live (as Christians that is).

So here's the deal, please don't rant to me about how amazing the book you are reading is and how it revolutionizes what you think, until A. You are living out what the Bible teaches and B. You actually show me how that book you have read has truly revolutionized your life.

Am I saying that I'm to that point? Where I'm living out the Bible, no not at all. But I can tell you that until you are living daily (that's the hard part for me) what the Bible teaches, everything that you read in outside books, will be worth a fraction of what its worth when you are truly living Christ's lifestyle.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Questions about Church

I was recently asked the following list of questions, below each question was my response. I felt like this was something that everyone could benefit from.

I am looking for some input on college ministry. I never even was in a youth group or college ministry. I wasn’t in church at that time of my life.
If you have a few minutes, could you answer a few questions….as many or as few as you can.
Thank you. You just don’t know how much I appreciate it.

1. When you went to college, what kept you in church? Or what took you from church?
(that hottie, your parents couldn’t tell you what to do anymore, didn’t want to get up, my friends were going, just wanted to go….whatever it was)

1. I stayed in church because it was an every Sunday thing. It was my lifestyle (originally). It wasn't until about 4 months into the "finding a church" process that I developed my true reason for staying in church, which you will find in #2

2. If you went, what pulled you to that church?

2. I ended up at London because it was a place where I could not only learn (you can learn wherever you are as long as you are willing) but I also had the opportunity to invest in the church as well (which is the real reason why we should be a part of a church). London runs a split worship service (half hymns/ half contemporary) is welcoming to all visitors (seriously) and has opportunities to invest back into the congregation on several levels.

3. What would bring you to a service?
Cool worship, alternative, contemporary, hymns, none at all?
The time….Sunday morning, one evening, an afternoon….?
3. I personally believe that "church services" should involve the entire church, from the age of accountability into senior citizens. Time of day, or day of the week doesn't matter to me as long as if it is what is known as a traditional church service, it involves the entire church. I do not believe that a College service should ever replace a church service, though I do believe it is a good supplementation to use as a way to help ease college students back into the church (over 78% of students right now have been involved in church in the past for more than 6 months at a time).

I personally enjoy a more modern service, however recently I have come to notice that more services are becoming a show than a gathering of believers. When we reach this state in the church it is no longer what is meant to be.

4. Was it important that someone from the ministry made you feel like they cared?
4. It is extremely important that every member of the body of believers feels welcome. If members of the body do not feel welcome then the body is not living what it is teaching (unless of course it is teaching segregation, which is a sin).

5. Does age matter?
Anything else you want to share……
5. Every group of believers should at least have a group of older believers in order to train the next generation of believers into action. If you are missing this, then you lack the wisdom and direction that every body of believers needs.

Monday, December 20, 2010


So I spent a majority of my day today preparing to apply for internships.  Specifically with Compassion International .  I felt during the day like I had accomplished nothing.  This lead to a succession of thoughts for the rest of the evening.  (Just so you know once I finally submitted three applications, I felt that I had accomplished something).

What we do defines us.  We have heard it a thousand times (or at least I have).  I know that I am a person who enjoys ministry, the outdoors and being with people.  So when I am doing things that are the opposite of that, I feel like I am accomplishing nothing.  I feel this way because it's not who I am.  If we allow busy work (school, jobs, ect) to be all that we focus on and do, then that is what we become; Students, workers ect.

So what does this mean.  Well first as Christians, this should mean that we are Christ like; in everything. However, a majority of the time we settle, at least that's what I do.  We do what is convenient for us, (based on the worlds standards of course).  If we were followers of Christ first in our lives (which is what should be our first definer)  then the rest of our life will follow suit, in accordance to what God wants.

I think this is why I enjoy ministry so much (for as much as it frustrates me).  I believe that if I wasn't so excited about ministry, I would not be excited about Christ, and vise versa.  This would in turn cause me to be the work and school focused person, that is no longer defined as anything.