Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaders and Soul Environments

So I asked the question in an earlier writing, should not all Christians be judged the same.  Then last Thursday I was sitting in my bible study and this verse was brought to my attention James 3:1-12.  In this passage James is speaking of taming the tongue later on, but at the beginning, he says that teachers will be judged stricter than others.  Though he also says in verses 2 and 3 that no person is without fault, because if they were they'd be a perfect man.  The Scripture states however that there is no perfect man.

So as teachers we need to watch ourselves.  We need to constantly be examining ourselves to make sure that what we are doing is correct. Galations 6:1-10 talks about this, how we should examine ourselves and make sure that what we are doing is for the correct reasons.  If we do not watch ourselves then we will be judged accordingly in the end, but if we do examine ourselves, and we stay focused on righteousness, then we will inherit great rewards.

So here it is, another blog, recently I've been listening to podcasts from Mosaic Church in California, where Erwin McManus is the pastor.  It has been good listening to sermons that focus on how we should live as a church, and then taking those same concepts and putting them into how we should live as individuals.  The podcast I've been listening to is a series entitled "Soul Environments."  There is a group of promo videos for each sermon on youtube, below is the promo for the sermon titled Wood.  If you have the opportunity to listen to all five of them I would suggest them.

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