Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One of the Preacher Dudes

         So tonight I ate supper at Wendy's with some college friends.  While in line one of my students from London came in, and was explaining to her parents who I was, and referred to me as "One of the Preacher Dudes" so I figured I'd use that as my title for tonight.
          How is it that we get these titles?  I mean sure it is part of my job, ministry, yes I get paid to go to church essentially.  We get these titles because we are defined by what we do, our daily actions, be it work, play, ect.  So being defined by our actions is an interesting thing.  If we call ourselves Christians then we had better live like that, because we have just defined ourselves.  Erwin McManus has this thing, he hates Christians, which is weird, cause he's a pastor, of a very large church in California.  Here's why he hates them: they give him a bad name.  Crazy stuff right? but isn't it true, I know I can be a lousy disciple of Christ.
         I've been dealing with what I've been defined as this past week, and it's really something to think about.  What is it that we need to look like as Christians?  What will it take for us as Christians to change the negative stigma that comes with the title of "Christian"?  While I'm asking questions, why is it that "Pastors" are held to a higher standard than non-pastors, aren't we all just regular Christians?  These questions are part of the reason why I changed the title of my blog to "ReThink:Christianity."   Cause I can guarantee you there's no merit system, no visible way to tell who is "better" than the other.  Sure we are going to get rewards in heaven, but guess what, we are all going to be there, and if someone who isn't a pastor, lives just as much for Christ as the pastor does, they are both going to receive the same amount of heavenly rewards.
          Some food for thought for this week, I may start answering some of these questions eventually, just depends on how much free time I have.

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