Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I thought you were a believer. Someone who'd want to blog about our ideals

For those of you who don't realize, the title is a quote from a Twix commercial.
I don't know why I thought about that but I did.  So last Wednesday I had someone inform me that they had switched campus ministries because the other was more "real."
           I just don't understand it though. There is a line in a recent movie To Save a Life (Link To Download There are two movies under click to download, both are applicable) where the youth pastor says "I know there are people who settle." Or something like that, and it's true, we all know that there are people who pretend, who settle in our ministries so that's kind of why it makes it hard for me to grasp.  Sure someone may seem more "real" but are they really being real, or are they just being outgoing.  There is a difference.  I think this gets confused and easily so, because places of worship are known for being stand offish ect.  The moment someone decides to actually greet guest and attempt to get to know them, we are quick to label them "real" or "exciting" or "vibrant" or any other number of things.  Being real, which is something that I struggle with myself, is something more than that, it's being able to admit that we mess up, that being a Christian is not all black and white (when it comes to happiness n such) being a Christian doesn't move you into an alternate world, when a person chooses to actually act upon their faith, to live it out, they still live in this world, they still experience the pain that this world has, they just have a greater power to help them through.  If we are not willing to be transparent in our faith, good or bad, people won't want it, cause they can be a hypocrite sitting on the couch saying that they spent the time exercising.
      I don't think it's right though to leave a place where you have attempted to get established, and were somewhat established, to try something else. Then after one experience completely start talking about how much better it is...I don't know maybe that's what God wants in certain people, but personally I believe that unless Christ has revealed to you, that where you are is a sin and that there is somewhere else you should be, I don't think you should leave a place.  That's not just for student ministry but for ministry as a whole, there is too much of this "hopping" as it's called that goes on, and it makes seekers (people who are interested in being disciples) nervous.  We should be committed to one ministry and only there, now I'm not saying stop at the first choice that comes along, but I'm saying once you've picked a place stay there, cause you have established yourself.

This concludes my rant for the evening, I may create a part 2 to this one...

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