Saturday, November 27, 2010

T is for Tenacity

Thoughts on Black Friday and how it relates to the I Wear Your Shirt job responsibilities.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Consumerism, Black Friday, and Christ

How does our relationship with Christ tie into all of this though?  This is where we should be bringing everything back to.   

I believe that if we miss Christ in all of this then we shouldn't be doing it.  If we are able to be consumers and still keep our focus on Christ then right on.  

The moment that we lose sight of Christ though is the moment that consumerism has become just another idol.  

Some people would take it to the extreme (and rightly so) saying that if you are not willing to stay up all night sharing Christ's love, doing his work.  Then why should you stay up all night shopping?  

To which could be countered, well He wants us to be good stewards of our money doesn't he?  This however could be something that Jon Acuff likes to refer to as a "Jesus Juke."  

So I think at this point in my walk, I can't confirm either side, because I'm been on both sides.  Right now I don't have a definitive answer and I don't want to Jesus Juke you.

I Bought a Wii: Part 2

It just amazes me though the amount of money that people spend on things that they don't really need.  Do I need a Wii? No, not particularly.  But it's going to be fun right? That's what it's all about right, is enjoying yourself?

Some people would say yes, "Seth you need to lighten up and live alittle."  Others would say "What a waste, you could spend that money elsewhere for greater things"  

I can't decide which line I land on.  A majority of the time I try to live my life as a minimalist (until something catches my eye).  

This is something that I think our country has caught a glimpse of with the recession, but I don't believe they have completely grasped it.  At least not from the shopping crowds that I have seen.  

But my generation in particular have taken grasp of this idea of less is more.  They almost run towards it, which is something I enjoy (but creates a marketing nightmare).  

I bought a Wii: Part 1

I find consumerism a very interesting thing.  Especially as it relates to Black Friday.  

I mean this is consumerism at its best right?  Literally people purchasing things that they normally wouldn't otherwise purchase, because they can get it for a good deal.  

I myself try and maximize my opportunity.  Maybe that is what everyone else is doing.  Sitting here maximizing their opportunities.   

But take what I have done for instance.  I purchased four dvd's at walmart tonight that are going to make great gifts (well three of them will, one of them is for me).  

I am then purchasing a Nitendo Wii.  Given this is a ridiculous way to purchase it, but it is a phenomenal deal.  This is actually a deal that is listed on most Black Friday sites as a top twenty deal.  That's pretty sweet I think.  

But what does this say about us as a nation?  We are sitting out here, spending our break, running essentially to get the "next best deal."  

Sure people say they are "thankful for good deals" but they aren't getting to spend quality time with their family like this holiday was meant for. 

  I myself have used the opportunity, since I am doing it alone, to get a majority of my homework for the next week done, in order to spend the next two days completely devoted to family.  I believe I am maximizing my time spent awake.  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Contest

So I have been warning of a contest.
Sorry I was unable to post this before midnight.

So I have put in a Video Resume for I Wear Your Shirt, thus this entire contest will be revolving around my I Wear Your Shirt Video Resume.

The Contest that I speak of will net some pretty sweet prizes, however, every contest has to have rules.

The Contest is meant to gain views, comments, and viral sharing of this link -->

You will see the link numerous times throughout this post.

Rules for the contest
1. No Spamming (multiple comments) on the video
2. The comment must have some body to it, saying "cool" won't cut it..
3. You must have ten individuals (directly related to you) to be officially entered.
4.  These ten individuals must leave a comment on the video.  They can then share the video and try to gain their own ten people as well, if not more.
5.  If the video reaches 1,000 comments there will be more than just one prize (probably some pretty sweet t-shirts, since that's what this is about).
6. You must send me a message with each person's name.  *Please wait and send a message with ten names at a time, to save us both time and messages.

That's all it takes, share, comment, gain comments.  There will be an event created on Facebook tomorrow lining out what I will be giving away as a grand prize.

*contest is subject to change at anytime.  Prizes will be awarded depending on if I actually get the job.  That's the whole point of this, is to help me get the job.  So if you want to win some really sweet free prizes then share, tweet, and post this sucker up.  Anything you do will help move me towards the job!  Thanks!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time Management and Social Media

So something I have learned recently from my I Wear Your Shirt Video Resume process is that time management is key. As I have engrossed myself within this social media campaign, I have realized how much time can be spent online again.

I joked on today that I haven't gotten angry birds yet because I would become addicted to it.  I think that it's easily to be distracted from life right now.  Between what we have outside of the computer as well as what you are expected to keep up with online as well.

I have become somewhat addicted to growing my twitter recently.  This has come because of the video resume and I feel that this is a great way to reach people to share my resume.  However it's easy to lose grip with life with all of the sharing and watching the video.  You instead become to immortalize yourself.  So you have to step back and take some time off.

I have found that I actually do a better job with classes.  I think this is the case because I want both things so bad I don't want to mess anything up.  I need to keep my scholarship but I would love the job as well.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back in the days when I was a Teenager...

So another birthday.  I obviously didn't get the job yesterday. Sadness.  However there is still the December hiring.  This is something to look forward to.  So what do I have to say about my birthday? Obviously I am no longer a teenager, a plus for me? Maybe.

I was talking with a coworker last night and it makes me wonder about whether or not I have truly maximized my potential in the twenty years I have been alive on this earth.

As I reflect back there is a past riddle with mistakes, however there are almost as many successes as well.  This is what has made my life exciting I suppose.  The amount of times that successes have come through in phenomenal ways that can only point to a magnificent Creator.

I have began to live for those days.  The days when you can feel a success coming upon you.  That is my addiction almost.  When a plan falls into place, it is like art to me.

I think this is why I have chosen the major that I am in, because I like to solve a problem, execute the plan, and then see the changes.  It's a really cool effect.

Now I just struggle with how I will use what I am learning for Christ.  That's the key.  Cause if I'm using it for personal gain then it's all for shame essentially.

It's Your Right, Exercise it!

As I considered this topic there are two sides to the issue concerning the idea of corporations infringing on the freedom of speech .  These two sides are corporations that run the media and then the rest of the corporations that are separate from the media.  I consider these two different sides of the issue because media is the watchdog of the government and the voice of the people.  The moment media is no longer the voice of the people, then there is ample opportunity for them to infringe upon rights and not allow for the freedoms of speech that a person is entitled to by the Constitution.  The second side deals with corporations outside of media.  These should be entitled to control outside content in any way they see fit.  Both of these ideas I plan on elaborating on throughout the following post.

I do not believe that corporations can infringe upon someones freedom of speech.  A corporation has every right to not endorse or drop someone based on their behaviors.  The individual in question represents the corporation to a degree.  So if that person would bring negative press to the corporation, then the corporation has every right to censor that individual in how they reflect on the corporation.  I do not think that this takes away a person’s freedom of speech in any way, corporations are required to abide by employment laws, but these don’t cover someones speech.  If a person is deemed a harm to the corporation, then the corporation has every reason to be rid of that individual.  Just like should a person be a positive voice for the corporation they may choose to hire them to endorse their products.

However I believe every person is entitled to their own opinion.  I believe that if you say something outside of your workplace, that is coming from you as an individual you should not be fired for that.  I am directing this example towards NPR’s firing of Juan Williams after he said that he felt “personal skittishness over seeing fellow air travelers dressed in Muslim garb.” Seeing as he said it was his personal feeling, and did not reflect anything on NPR, then I do not see any reason as to why he should be fired.  The only reason why he should have been fired would have been if there was something in his contract stating that he could not share his personal views with other media outlets.  That should have been the only weighing mechanism in whether or not he should have been fired over his television interview. NPR firing him may even violate the National Labor Relations Act, which allows employees to talk freely outside of work, which he was doing by being on television in the interview. This is a prime example of a group censoring someone in a way that I see as absolutely absurd and uncalled for.

NBC even noticed the error in their ways when they suspended Keith Olbermann for supporting people running for political office outside of his job.  Even though in this instance he did breach contract, NBC realized that as an individual it is his right to support who he likes, regardless of if he is a popular figure or not.  They ended up only suspending him for a day and not completely firing like Juan Williams and the NPR incident.

A person should be fired though as mentioned above if they are going to be cause the corporation a drop in sales or negative press.  But they should not be fired if their personal views do not line up with the corporation.  This is something that is trying to be covered in the employment non-discrimination act that is trying to be passed through congress at the moment.

With examples like what was presented in our book of corporations censoring people who have no direct correlation with them, I see no problem with that.  If a corporation feels that that person is going to bring a negative light to their business as I stated above then they should have the freedom to keep that person or group from doing so.  People have to know what market they are marketing themselves to (in the Crow and Dixie Chicks scenarios) if they are going to say things that might offend people, then they must realize the consequences of their actions.  Because corporations that sell their items, venues that book them, can choose to not book them if they are going to have off colour remarks about different issues.  This can lead to their loss in sales, but really they brought it upon themselves.

However, people being avoided purposefully can pose a problem within the media sector.  American media is now owned by major corporations.  With news being owned by corporations, they are the gatekeepers of what news they report and what they don’t report.  

The media is called to be a watchdog over the government.  If they choose what is the best interest of money (which they do at times) then they are in turn not doing what the founding fathers originally wanted the media to do.  They are instead doing what is in their best interest.  News could be avoided because the media sees that what the news represents could hurt their ratings because people don’t care about it. Doing so though could result in media no longer being a watchdog over the government, thus allowing things to happen in the government to happen without the public knowing about it.  Media corporations could be doing this to make money, either unknowingly because they think the news would hurt ratings or knowingly being paid to avoid the news so that things could happen without public knowledge.  

If it was just a singular person being avoided, even though they had solid news in relation to something, then this could lead to a persons First Amendment right being infringed upon. A situation like this could only happen though, in my opinion, if more than 50% of the media refused to carry that person’s message.  Of course all of this would only be relevant if what was happening was true, hard news.

So a corporation is free to do what they want, as long as it’s not discriminating against a person.  However a corporation that controls media should be held to a different standard because they are expected to work at a higher standard.  This is what we are taught as journalism majors, if that common standard is missing and a media corporation does not work as the proper watchdog because they are more concerned about money, then we miss the entire point of media.  People sometimes miss the fact that media is supposed to be a watchdog and simply view it as a convenient way to know what is going on in the world.  Media is supposed to watch after the people, be their voice.  However today they end up being the voice of the corporation.  When media becomes the voice of the corporations, this is when there is the slightest possibility of them beginning to infringe on the rights of people, as well as going against the high standards set for journalist.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take A Moment, Breathe, and Relax

First off, it's only fitting today to take a moment to thank a veteran around you for their service.

Really though I'm taking a moment away from the madness that has become my social media campaign for a job to put things into perspective (at least for me).

Our generation has this tendency to run with things on a whim.  I know I do for sure.  I ran with this whole job thing because it's my dream job.  Seriously.  Social media is one of the most effective tools in our society today, and harnassing that tool will take a person very far. 

However I have stepped back and quietly observed (though pushing really hard through social media avenues) how this has worked.  How everything that I have done in the goal of getting this job, is promote, promote, promote. 

This is my dream job for sure, but I have to evaluate and make sure it's what Christ wants in my life too.  This is what really caused me to step back and look, because honestly, our social media campaign for Christ, or at least our lifestyle showing Christ, should be as heavy as what I have done this past week.

I'm not saying we are supposed to be fanatics but I am saying if we are going to push something as hard as how I have pushed my resume, should we not push Christ more than that?

As Christians consider that.  Honestly guys, I'm really excited at the opportunity this job presents, and I really think I am qualified for the job.  Sometimese however I think things need to be put into perspective.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Status Update

Hey guys thanks for what you've done, we have reach 100 comments, however there are at least 400 of you who have yet to reply, if all 400 of you replied then my resume would be looking pretty fly. If the ones of you could reply as well as share the link on Facebook that would be even more cool.

Guys my dad sent out an email to his entire contacts list (somewhere around 150) and we have had a nearly 20% reply rate out of that (and they haven't stopped coming yet). We have barely reached 15% of you guys, I have faith that you guys will out do the contact list that my dad has, cause you guys are my personal contact list. 

Please Support with comments! 

Here is a thank you video as well as some idea's lining out what the weekend push is going to look like!

Also for an easier way to get to my video resume here is the link to that:

Thanks for the continued support! This is my dream job! Everything you guys can do will help!

Remember if you have already voted you can invite your friends to the event, you can rate the video each day, post the link onto your wall ect.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get the Word Out!

Hey guys,

So here's the deal, for the fifty or so of you who have commented on the video thanks so much, however there is more you can do!

1.  We can rate the video each day.  The more we rate it, the better it "looks".  Sorry I didn't tell you this earlier, I missed it in reading the requirements.

2.  The two guys who currently wear shirts are the ones picking, they are watching (really I've talked with Jason on twitter and live chat).  So they are watching how much everyone is promoting.  If they see you guys promoting the video, then I have more of an opportunity to get the job.

3.  If you haven't already commented, then please do!  The most comments don't win it, however it has a REALLY LARGE factor in them selecting the person.

4.  So please, comment if you haven't already.  Go to the site and click on the "recommend on Facebook" or "Retweet" buttons, this gets the resume out further!

5.  This entire job is about showing my social media reach, you guys are my social media reach.  This is literally my dream job currently, so you would have a hand in helping me get to this point then I would be overjoyed.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Debate Tournament Article

For those interested in the story about our debate tournament this weekend and haven't heard it yet from me...

Despite fielding one of its most inexperienced parliamentary debate teams in recent years, Tech opened its season with a championship win in the novice division at the Missouri Mule Classic hosted by the University of Central Missouri.  

Tech was represented by Michael Allinson, Jasmine Balch, Megan Brown, Rowdy Douillard, Seth Fendley, Chelsea Kennedy, Julie Paladino and Braden Vaughn.  Tech finished the preliminaries with wins over opponents that included Belmont, McKendree, St. Louis and Valdosta.  The overall team winning percentage in the preliminaries was its best in two years.  

Tech placed an unprecedented three teams in the quarterfinals and two in the semifinals.  After eliminating Tech teams in the quarters and semis, Webster University was stopped by Brown and Fendley in the finals by a 3-0 decision, thus securing the championship for Arkansas Tech.  
Contact: Thomas Vaughn, Speech Theatre and Journalism

I Wear Your Shirt Application Thoughts

So I have submitted a video resume.
I have begun a social media campaign.

What now? 

Well here are a few more thoughts on my application.

It's hard to say everything you enjoy about a job in less than 3 minutes! @iwearyourshirt
I mean you can wear a shirt anywhere! At pretty much anytime!  Social media has the same effect as well.

So this weekend my debate partner and I won a novice debate tournament.  This means more exposure through debate and individual events (more places to promote shirts).  

Also as I have stated to a lot of people, I love the idea of having a job in social media.  I love the idea of having the opportunity to go to conferences about social media, and network with people learning about this stuff.

This is the direction that I really feel my career going in and I'm really excited to see if I can secure this job.  

Tomorrow I will blog about thoughts I had from the debate tournament which should be exciting. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Wear Your Shirt Application

This is my video resume for a job wearing t-shirts and promoting them through social media for a year.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too Political?

Election Day!

Finally all the ads will be least until someone ties and we have to have a run off...

Everyone gets excited about voting and who they are going to vote for, it's all fun and games; well except for the whole part where these people are in charge of making the "big decisions."

As Christians we are called to support our country.  However I feel sometimes people can take it too far.  It's my "right to vote" and it's my "right to tell you who I'm voting for" both of which are valid statements.  However, as stated be different people several times over.  If your "voice" is louder about who you are voting for then who you follow (that would be Christ if you are a Christian), then there are issues.

We are called to vote for who we feel is the best person to represent Christ for the individual offices.  However, we are also supposed to be sharing Him, above the government.  So if in November we are more vocal about who we vote for, then we are the entire rest of the year about who we believe in, then that my friends is sin.

This is something I struggle with when it comes to voting, making sure that I am partial, and don't over promote a politician above my Savior.

Think about it.

The Hippy, Hipster, Hillbilly, Hobo, Holy Gospel

Recently an article was posted in Relevant Magazine "The Gospel According to Hipsters" (pg 45) began to get the wheels spinning in my head.  Then I walked into my Introduction to Mass Communications class and my professor said he couldn't tell if I was a hipster or a hippy and that completed the creative process for this post.

There are stereotypes within generations, and ones that span the generations, that have these connotations to them that are negative.  However, there are things that we can learn from these stereotypes as well, that I believe if we took them we would be a better rounded person.

Hobo- These people have not a care in the world.  Given, they don't have a place of their own, but Jesus didn't either.  I believe that if we could live a life void of consumeristic, selfish behavior, realizing that it's not about having the best in the world; this could revolutionize not only how we look at life, but how others view our lives.

Hillbilly- So what if you only have five teeth?  These people care about their neighbors (for the most part)  I'd rather be neighbors with a hillbilly than an introverted cubicle worker, simply for the community side of it.  If we learned to not care what others think about us and put ourselves out there to be friends with the world, the possibilities are endless.

Hipster- Compassionate, Green, Revolutionizing.  Sure they may not be the most timely people and their lifestyle habits may not be the best, but these people care about our world.  They generally care more than Christians do, which is mind blowing.. I don't believe it should be this way.

Hippy- Peace and Love man! Being a hippy was about being in rebellion to the norm.  Given a lot of crazy things came out of this generation, but the promotion of love that they presented and peace is something to be applauded.  I'm not anti war, however I believe that people need to see the love of Christ from us.

Take what you may from this post, by far one of my more "fun" posts that I've had in a while...