Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Too Political?

Election Day!

Finally all the ads will be gone...at least until someone ties and we have to have a run off...

Everyone gets excited about voting and who they are going to vote for, it's all fun and games; well except for the whole part where these people are in charge of making the "big decisions."

As Christians we are called to support our country.  However I feel sometimes people can take it too far.  It's my "right to vote" and it's my "right to tell you who I'm voting for" both of which are valid statements.  However, as stated be different people several times over.  If your "voice" is louder about who you are voting for then who you follow (that would be Christ if you are a Christian), then there are issues.

We are called to vote for who we feel is the best person to represent Christ for the individual offices.  However, we are also supposed to be sharing Him, above the government.  So if in November we are more vocal about who we vote for, then we are the entire rest of the year about who we believe in, then that my friends is sin.

This is something I struggle with when it comes to voting, making sure that I am partial, and don't over promote a politician above my Savior.

Think about it.

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