Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get the Word Out!

Hey guys,

So here's the deal, for the fifty or so of you who have commented on the video thanks so much, however there is more you can do!

1.  We can rate the video each day.  The more we rate it, the better it "looks".  Sorry I didn't tell you this earlier, I missed it in reading the requirements.

2.  The two guys who currently wear shirts are the ones picking, they are watching (really I've talked with Jason on twitter and live chat).  So they are watching how much everyone is promoting.  If they see you guys promoting the video, then I have more of an opportunity to get the job.

3.  If you haven't already commented, then please do!  The most comments don't win it, however it has a REALLY LARGE factor in them selecting the person.

4.  So please, comment if you haven't already.  Go to the site and click on the "recommend on Facebook" or "Retweet" buttons, this gets the resume out further!

5.  This entire job is about showing my social media reach, you guys are my social media reach.  This is literally my dream job currently, so you would have a hand in helping me get to this point then I would be overjoyed.

Thanks everyone for your help!


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