Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hippy, Hipster, Hillbilly, Hobo, Holy Gospel

Recently an article was posted in Relevant Magazine "The Gospel According to Hipsters" (pg 45) began to get the wheels spinning in my head.  Then I walked into my Introduction to Mass Communications class and my professor said he couldn't tell if I was a hipster or a hippy and that completed the creative process for this post.

There are stereotypes within generations, and ones that span the generations, that have these connotations to them that are negative.  However, there are things that we can learn from these stereotypes as well, that I believe if we took them we would be a better rounded person.

Hobo- These people have not a care in the world.  Given, they don't have a place of their own, but Jesus didn't either.  I believe that if we could live a life void of consumeristic, selfish behavior, realizing that it's not about having the best in the world; this could revolutionize not only how we look at life, but how others view our lives.

Hillbilly- So what if you only have five teeth?  These people care about their neighbors (for the most part)  I'd rather be neighbors with a hillbilly than an introverted cubicle worker, simply for the community side of it.  If we learned to not care what others think about us and put ourselves out there to be friends with the world, the possibilities are endless.

Hipster- Compassionate, Green, Revolutionizing.  Sure they may not be the most timely people and their lifestyle habits may not be the best, but these people care about our world.  They generally care more than Christians do, which is mind blowing.. I don't believe it should be this way.

Hippy- Peace and Love man! Being a hippy was about being in rebellion to the norm.  Given a lot of crazy things came out of this generation, but the promotion of love that they presented and peace is something to be applauded.  I'm not anti war, however I believe that people need to see the love of Christ from us.

Take what you may from this post, by far one of my more "fun" posts that I've had in a while...

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