Thursday, February 4, 2010

Everybody trying to sell me their product...

          So today we had the organizational fair for timeout for Tech.  This is where you set up your material to promote your group to incoming and prospective students.  The BCM sets up a booth to promote not only BCM but specifically Freshlife.  This is our ministry for freshman.  Our booth was between two other ministries, that were between two other ministries, that were between two other ministries; sounds like alot of Jesus right?
          Anyway so I got to thinking, we have all these ministries, there for the same purpose, to try to engage students in a meaningful relationship with Christ as well as other believers.  Each ministry just has their own unique way of doing it, sure there may be some aspects that look the same, there are even times when they talk about the same subjects, but each place has their own identity.
         If we all have the same purpose, then why do people involved in the different ministries not approve of the others?  This isn't anything new, in ministry we see it everyday, but it's something that I wanted to talk about real quick.  Sure, sometimes things are done that are contrary to Scripture, but then if you really stop and think about, there is something each of us has done recently that is contrary to Scripture, (speeding, malice towards a brother, something...).
          Why then do ministries speak out against each other, are we not supposed to instead edify each other?  We are supposed to lift each other up, we should be thankful for the amount of students that we have attending each individual group on campus.

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