Friday, September 24, 2010

What's next? Nuclear War?

I was border line on picking this article (linked to the title) however as you read through this typical pyramid style article, it kept getting more slippery slope as you read down.  The final quote was what really brought the article together and I felt made it become a full fledged fear ensuing article.

"This is a recipe for chaos and for an arms race in the Middle East"

Isreal and Pakistan are always going to be a hot topic issue.  However, they have never had any nuclear conflicts.  Nor has any other Middle Eastern countries had previous conflicts.  As far as I know.

The Gaza strip has always been a hot topic between Pakistan and Israel.  The whole story though about having Israel stop building plans so that they can have peace talks.  It is nothing to do with nuclear war.  The entire problem has nothing to do with nuclear warheads.  It has everything to do with Pakistan and Israel peace talks.

Pakistan's leader then brings nukes into the equation.  He wants the building to stop, however he throws nuclear reduction into the mix as well.  This adds another dimension to the conflict as well as the negotiations.

Not only does this up the ante so to speak with the negotiations but it brings about the thought that they might be on the brink of nuclear war.  The thought of nuclear war in any capacity strikes fear in most people, and that is why I believe this article is doing just that.

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