Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend at Burnies

Below are three articles encasing the Quran burning incident.  All of these were written/filmed before the event was "cancelled."

The cnn article focuses on how General Petraeus replied to what Jones was planning.
The Aljazeera article takes the views of different religious leaders and assesses them.
The Daily Show is a satirical view of the issue.

I enjoyed looking at how the three of these articles looked at the issue at hand from different angles.  The CNN article focused on the first big name response to the issue, focusing on the affect it would have on American troops in Muslim countries.  Aljazeera focuses on getting the opinions of other religious sects as well as showing the reaction of the largest Muslim country in the world.  The Daily Show then brings in the humor of the entire ordeal, closing out the three articles.

All three of these reports focus on the main news source, the pastor in Gainesville, but they each get comments from different sectors to add their piece to the story.  Aljazeera shows an international view on the issue, CNN with a military/American view and then Daily Show with personal views on the issue at hand.

Each of these stories seeming un biased in their reporting.  These articles are probably some of the most diverse that could be found on the issue (short of finding biased articles).  That's really why I enjoyed picking these three articles to post and discuss about.

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Weekend at Burnies
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