Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If I had Jesus in a little bitty box

Growing up in church, sometimes you hear the word "Hypocrite" either said by people inside or outside the church.  Most of the time you think of that person as hopefully not you, or at least hopefully people don't know that it's you.  I know I've been there.

As I've grown up I came to realize within myself which I assume happens with everyone else that we have different faces that we show to different people.  This way we can still feel Christian but sometimes not be "overbearing" right? At least that's what we tell ourselves, when however it's more because we are living in such sin, we feel we have to put on a front to our other fellow "Christians" to hide that we don't have everything together.

I thought that I was overcoming this, and I really feel that last year I did overcome the initial problems encountered with this issue.  I have begun to realize though that as college students specifically we compartmentalize things.  This is a good thing if done properly, but when done with our walk with Christ I feel it could be border line sin.

We learn to compartmentalize due to our courses that we are taking.  If we don't separate our social lives from school, but live in both of them then we will end up focusing on one more than the other.  So we begin to do this in every aspect of our life, even taking Christ out of parts of our life, because we don't see a "need" for him there.

In all actuality we need Christ in everything, if he is not in everything, then we are holding onto sin.  We have not truly surrendered our entire life to Him.  In order for us to see true transformation and a complete picture of what Christ wants for us, we must no longer put Christ as a section of our life, but include him in everything.

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