Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am a Hipster?

This is a Honda ad from Australia.  It has one of the most relevant stereotypes that I could find at the moment encompassed within it.  After fitting the "hipsters" into the car, the guy goes through different hipster stereotypes which are absolutely hilarious.

I don't try to fit into the hipster model, but I do have some tendencies of leaning that way.  I believe that it's hilarious that there is a style based on not being a style.  A style that is against conforming, however they all conform to the same mold clothing style.

The hipster causes though are an interesting part of the stereotype.  The fact that they support things such as Toms and bloodwatermission is interesting for a stereotype that is known for being apathetic to support things.  However, I suppose they are supporting indie things which would fit into their hipster mold.

The thing to realize about this though, is that people can fit into the hipster stereotype however they aren't apathetic, and don't drink beer, ect.

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