Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decisions: How To

We sit here and wonder, how do I make a decision based on what God wants.  Well scripture tells us that this comes through prayer and supplication (appeal).  We also however have to be on a journey together with Christ, growing closer to Him everyday.

The latter is tougher to swallow at times.  While we have no problems going to God in our time of need, actually taking the time to journey and align our lives with Christ is another matter in itself.  I even have issues at times, with drawing near to Christ.

As humans we see this need to do things ourselves.  We are a "me" people.  This is an issue with Christ.  He wants us to be a "others" people.  He wants us to live for Him and then to live for others.  When we begin doing these things, a life of selflessness, in devotion to Christ, then we will see the complete realm of what decisions Christ wants us to make in our lives.

However, I am not saying that Christ cannot guide us in our decisions if we are not following him with everything.  He can still guide us as He pleases (He is God after all), but we may not be able to see the big picture, or we may miss out on blessings exceedingly, abundantly, above anything we could hope or dream.

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