Thursday, November 11, 2010

Take A Moment, Breathe, and Relax

First off, it's only fitting today to take a moment to thank a veteran around you for their service.

Really though I'm taking a moment away from the madness that has become my social media campaign for a job to put things into perspective (at least for me).

Our generation has this tendency to run with things on a whim.  I know I do for sure.  I ran with this whole job thing because it's my dream job.  Seriously.  Social media is one of the most effective tools in our society today, and harnassing that tool will take a person very far. 

However I have stepped back and quietly observed (though pushing really hard through social media avenues) how this has worked.  How everything that I have done in the goal of getting this job, is promote, promote, promote. 

This is my dream job for sure, but I have to evaluate and make sure it's what Christ wants in my life too.  This is what really caused me to step back and look, because honestly, our social media campaign for Christ, or at least our lifestyle showing Christ, should be as heavy as what I have done this past week.

I'm not saying we are supposed to be fanatics but I am saying if we are going to push something as hard as how I have pushed my resume, should we not push Christ more than that?

As Christians consider that.  Honestly guys, I'm really excited at the opportunity this job presents, and I really think I am qualified for the job.  Sometimese however I think things need to be put into perspective.

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