Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Status Update

Hey guys thanks for what you've done, we have reach 100 comments, however there are at least 400 of you who have yet to reply, if all 400 of you replied then my resume would be looking pretty fly. If the ones of you could reply as well as share the link on Facebook that would be even more cool.

Guys my dad sent out an email to his entire contacts list (somewhere around 150) and we have had a nearly 20% reply rate out of that (and they haven't stopped coming yet). We have barely reached 15% of you guys, I have faith that you guys will out do the contact list that my dad has, cause you guys are my personal contact list. 

Please Support with comments! 

Here is a thank you video as well as some idea's lining out what the weekend push is going to look like!

Also for an easier way to get to my video resume here is the link to that:

Thanks for the continued support! This is my dream job! Everything you guys can do will help!

Remember if you have already voted you can invite your friends to the event, you can rate the video each day, post the link onto your wall ect.

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