Monday, November 8, 2010

I Wear Your Shirt Application Thoughts

So I have submitted a video resume.
I have begun a social media campaign.

What now? 

Well here are a few more thoughts on my application.

It's hard to say everything you enjoy about a job in less than 3 minutes! @iwearyourshirt
I mean you can wear a shirt anywhere! At pretty much anytime!  Social media has the same effect as well.

So this weekend my debate partner and I won a novice debate tournament.  This means more exposure through debate and individual events (more places to promote shirts).  

Also as I have stated to a lot of people, I love the idea of having a job in social media.  I love the idea of having the opportunity to go to conferences about social media, and network with people learning about this stuff.

This is the direction that I really feel my career going in and I'm really excited to see if I can secure this job.  

Tomorrow I will blog about thoughts I had from the debate tournament which should be exciting. 

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