Friday, November 26, 2010

I bought a Wii: Part 1

I find consumerism a very interesting thing.  Especially as it relates to Black Friday.  

I mean this is consumerism at its best right?  Literally people purchasing things that they normally wouldn't otherwise purchase, because they can get it for a good deal.  

I myself try and maximize my opportunity.  Maybe that is what everyone else is doing.  Sitting here maximizing their opportunities.   

But take what I have done for instance.  I purchased four dvd's at walmart tonight that are going to make great gifts (well three of them will, one of them is for me).  

I am then purchasing a Nitendo Wii.  Given this is a ridiculous way to purchase it, but it is a phenomenal deal.  This is actually a deal that is listed on most Black Friday sites as a top twenty deal.  That's pretty sweet I think.  

But what does this say about us as a nation?  We are sitting out here, spending our break, running essentially to get the "next best deal."  

Sure people say they are "thankful for good deals" but they aren't getting to spend quality time with their family like this holiday was meant for. 

  I myself have used the opportunity, since I am doing it alone, to get a majority of my homework for the next week done, in order to spend the next two days completely devoted to family.  I believe I am maximizing my time spent awake.  

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