Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back in the days when I was a Teenager...

So another birthday.  I obviously didn't get the job yesterday. Sadness.  However there is still the December hiring.  This is something to look forward to.  So what do I have to say about my birthday? Obviously I am no longer a teenager, a plus for me? Maybe.

I was talking with a coworker last night and it makes me wonder about whether or not I have truly maximized my potential in the twenty years I have been alive on this earth.

As I reflect back there is a past riddle with mistakes, however there are almost as many successes as well.  This is what has made my life exciting I suppose.  The amount of times that successes have come through in phenomenal ways that can only point to a magnificent Creator.

I have began to live for those days.  The days when you can feel a success coming upon you.  That is my addiction almost.  When a plan falls into place, it is like art to me.

I think this is why I have chosen the major that I am in, because I like to solve a problem, execute the plan, and then see the changes.  It's a really cool effect.

Now I just struggle with how I will use what I am learning for Christ.  That's the key.  Cause if I'm using it for personal gain then it's all for shame essentially.

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