Friday, October 1, 2010

What's the point of this if you don't let it change you?

So I talked a little about change in the last post. So I believe that I'm going to take this concept deeper today. So the title, a quote from a recent film "To Save a Life." Has really provoked thought for me recently. 

I take this thought and apply it to each thing that I do.  What is the point of my involvement in each different group if I don't let it change me?  What is the point of my involvement if I am not a catalyst of change as well?

We must be constantly learning.  This is one form of change.  As we learn from our experiences, as we learn for our classes, we should be changing.  We should be applying this to our lives.  Because once again, what is the point if we don't let this change us?  It's all a waste of time essentially.

Each thing that I am involved in changes me in a way, as well as I should be enacting change within that system as well.

So with classes, I input what I have learned, as well as learn myself.  My input helps others learn and thus change, as well as I change as I learn.

At church, I am changed with each week of practical ministry experience, as well as my influence helps to change the students life.

At BCM I grow each week as I lead our freshlife ministry as well as help direct the overall direction of the BCM, and thus enact my influences in those to areas as well, affecting all who attend.

As a reslife employee I encounter situations everyday, and this grows my interpersonal communications skills and I in turn am able to help assist students in their college experience, enacting change in their lives as well.

On the debate team I am able to grow in my presenting and problem solving skills, as well as present effective topics in order to persuade others to my views.

If you are unable to see where you are being changed or where you are being a catalyst of change then something is missing.  When we come to the point that we are able to realize where we are the catalysts of change, then we will be an even more effective catalyst of change.  This will deepen our power of influence and allow for more leadership opportunities among other things.

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