Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dead and Gone

So I really should put down my ideas on what I want to post.  I can't for the  life of me remember what it was that I was going to write about tonight.  So here I am thinking and pondering on what it is that I had in mind to blog about and I really don't know what direction to go in.

I believe I will tie some of what we were taught last night at London into some other thoughts that I have and see what happens from there.

So everyone has a past.  If they didn't have a past then they wouldn't have a way of getting here today.  Our past effects how we are today, however those experiences can also have no bearing on what we do in our future.

Sometimes I feel like we ponder too much of the past when we should be looking forward into our futures. Now granted Christ warns against us planning ahead for our lives.  However we do have to have some form of consensus vision of what he wants for us.  If we are lacking a vision then we are lacking direction as well.

Our past can have to different impacts on us, it can empower or enslave.

Our past can empower us to change the future.  Empowering can help us see where it is that we need to head in our lives, and realize our need to enact change into situations.  If we have a positive and flourishing past, or even a negative past that we learn from, then we will feel empowered to make a difference and a change in our future.

Our past can enslave us to our current lifestyles.  We may feel that we are caught in a rut.  Like we can't move and are stuck in the same process repeating ourselves.  Being slaves to our past is a constant let down, if we don't overcome our past then we will not be able to move on in our lives.

To no longer be a slave to our past we must realize that our past is our past.  We can't change it, but what we can do is change our future.

To move on, we must see as Christians, that God's grace supersedes everything in our past.  This means we no longer need to worry about our past.  It has been forgiven, and no longer affects our lives.

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