Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So occasionally I will remark to someone "I have no friends" to which they will reply, "but I'm your friend."

The thing though is, I have many acquaintances, I have many of friends, however close, deep friendships I lack.  This is what I mean when I say "I have no friends"  This is one of those times when a word has more than one meaning.

There are two things that I believe have brought me to the point that I'm at.  Both of which I will present and then discuss some.

Being busy.  I'm constantly on go.  Most people would say that being busy would cause you to lose friends.  However when you only have a few close friends in the first place I don't believe you can lose friends or not be able to gain friends because of being too busy.  You just have to be willing to work with your friends in your schedule.  I say this with confidence because just recently I have begun having new people in my life and I believe that we are becoming friends and everything is working out even though I am extremely busy.  Which means any people I have been friends with before, have moved on either for their own reasons or because they no longer wish to try in our friendship.

The second thing would be because I'm in ministry.  This is another thing that I believe is a myth.  However everyone I know says that when you are in ministry you have few friends.  They say that people don't want to be your friend because they view you as better than them, or more nicely put, not on the same level as you.  They feel that you are no longer to relate. I believe these are things that aren't true because we are all overall considered to be ministers.

Which brings me to question whether it might just be me that's the problem

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