Thursday, October 21, 2010

Supporting Causes.

So there is a phenom with my generation.  This is the "Causes" phenom.  Supporting different non profits, organizations help people such as social justice,  poverty, ect.  Doing these things make a difference.  This is exciting stuff.

There is a sad part of this however.  The church was meant to do these things.  However, they didn't.  The church did this for a while, but for some reason in recent times they have dropped the ball.  Granted there are pockets that still do, Mission Arlington and The Simple Way to name a few.

Recently I took part in supporting as well.  I purchased a pair of Toms.  But that's not special right?  I think not as well.  The Toms I purchased support bloodwater mission as well.  This is the only reason why I purchased the Toms, because it is supporting another cause, like a double whammy.

I have also recently decided to start sponsoring a compassion child.  This is going to be an exciting journey, however I will write more about that next week..

Which means, to be continued...

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