Friday, April 2, 2010


For Spring Break I went to Montana with a group of students from the University of Arkansas.  We stayed with South Hills Baptist Fellowship in Montana City, MT and served as encouragement to the local church as well as completing local service projects.

On our first day we went to Great Divide where a local minister has a Sunday morning mountain top service.  It was really amazing and we experienced the largest local crowd ever! Really exciting stuff, as well as exciting for the group to go skiing as well.  That evening our group brought a special evening service to the church so that they could get a better understanding of the group there to serve them.

On Monday we rested up and spent the day painting the church.  It was a good experience just to help us get accustomed to being in Montana and prep us for the week ahead.

On Tuesday we went and prayer walked Boulder, MT.  This city is being swayed towards New Age ideas and is a very dark area.  It was very good to be able to just pray for the local church.

Wednesday we led chapel at the Helena Christian School which was great.  I grew up in a christian school so it was great to be able to give back to the school and show our support through providing chapel service for them.  That evening we once again led a special Wednesday night service at the church we were staying at.

Thursday was our final day at the church.  We stuffed door hangers and then took them to local neighborhoods to show the churches support for the community.  Going door to door presented alot of interesting conversations with local residents.  That evening church members came and we prayer walked the church .

Friday morning we woke up and left extremely early to return home.

This is just a highlight reel of what happened in Montana.  My next post will be about things we learned ect.

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