Tuesday, March 30, 2010

College Ready

So for those of you who may not know, my parents work for Family Life which is a division of Campus Crusade. Anyway, dad works in the publication department of Family Life and manages what they place in the store and how much to price it, that sort of thing.

Since I am the Freshman Coordinator for the Arkansas Tech BCM, as well as a youth intern, dad thought it would be great for me to test out a new six week study called College Ready.  This material is ment to help students with their transition into college life.  This can be shown to both high school students as well as college freshman.  I even remarked to a friend that I got something out of it as a sophomore in college.

I watched one session from the series just to get a feel for what the material was like.  The session I selected was 5. Have Fun, simply because it was the only one not on the list of topics for Freshlife, as well as it had the potential of being a weak topic.  However, they pull it out well and it proves to be just as valid topic as the others.

This definitely appears to be very solid curriculum to use, and should you have any questions direct them to Family Life.  I really hope that if you have the need for a Freshman or High School senior curriculum to take care of this curriculum and reuse it.

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