Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair

So within the last week I've been able to see BluetreeMike KeahboneCharlie Hall, and Robbie Seay Band.
Seeing all of these fellow seekers brought out alot of great things for me.  I believe though that the coolest of all of these things was what came out of the time of reflection that I had.

This was thinking about the concept of grace.  Grace is something that I really don't know if any human can truly grasp the fullness of grace.  As humans showing grace and mercy isn't something that really seems to come natural to us, we tend to lean more on the showing "discipline."  We would rather people see a consequence for their action than to see mercy and grace overwhelm their transgressions.

This is where the concept of Christ and His love comes in and intercedes.  This is the part that as humans I believe we have a hard time grasping. Mainly this is an issue for us, because we ourselves can't grasp fully forgetting about wrongs a person has caused towards us or someone else, and then actually allowing them a full blown second chance.

All of this is general statements though, I'm sure people out there fully grasp grace, but I for one can't really get it, and the thing is I have been covered with grace just as much as anyone else.  The amount of grace that I have in my life baffles me, and that I suppose is the part that I don't grasp about it, the unconditional grace.  Even though I am a sinner, I am covered by grace, regardless of if it is a sin that happened four years ago, or one that will happen in four months.

I feel like I have rambled this entire time, anyway here is the video for where the title has come from:


  1. I like that the title of this entry is the third this month that quotes Relient K. I don't know if the entry, "I'm on the Up and Up" was intentional or not, but that's what first came to mind when I saw it.

  2. It hasn't been intentional, it's just been whatever has popped into my head, thanks for noticing though ;-)