Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acts 1:8 Challenge

Prep for spring break is coming to a close very fast.  I'm headed out to Montana as soon as classes are over on Friday which is extremely exciting.  Why is it though that we want to go see the world?  Why are some of us not content with living in the same town our entire lives? A friend of mine very astutely pointed out that people spend their entire lives in New York City.  People here in Arkansas hardly ever leave their county, so why do some of us want to get out of here?

Well we do have this certain calling as Christians, what the Baptist Convention calls the Acts 1:8 Challenge.

I really don't know how I feel about this whole thing.  I guess it's a good thing, if it is something that revolves around what Christ wants and not what the people want.  The premise behind the challenge though is very cool.  This challenge is for churches to begin to look for places within their own city, state, nation, and world to impact people for Christ.  The thing is though, some churches are simply called to minister to their areas, while others are called to international missions.

I guess truly the thing with all of this is that Christ remains center.  The thing that we must not ignore is that we are called to connect the unconnected to Christ, if we aren't doing that then we are failing as believers.  So first we have to be connecting others, before we are able to do things like going elsewhere.  We must be creating a positive impact, otherwise where is our credibility?

Think on this as you try to decide whether or not to go on missions.

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