Thursday, March 4, 2010

Give Until There's Nothing Left

So this past weekend I went to Little Rock to a benefit concert that included the likes of ListenerDeas Vail, and a bunch of other forgettable bands (to note I don't remember them because we left after Deas Vail.  Anyway the concert was to benefit Invisible Children an organization that is helping provide for children in Uganda. Before the concert though they showed one of their documentaries entitled "Go" it followed three American students as they went to Uganda and bonded with three students there.

What impacted me specifically was how a student from Louisville KY connected with one of the guys in Uganda. (I know you can at least see the guy in the promo video below.) Anyway this kid came from an inner city school, that raised enough money to make it in the top group of schools.  The kid who was selected shares his story throughout the film.  He tells of how poor his school district is, and how no one would every expect them to raise the money that they raised.  Once connecting with a Ugandan student, it is revealed that the student from Louisville lost his brother to a senseless shooting before Katrina in New Orleans, and that the student from Uganda watched his sister and father killed before his eyes.

It really affected me, to realize that this student lived below the poverty level here in America and his school was able to impact students in Uganda in a major way.  Why as people who live above the poverty line, are we not willing to "give until there is nothing left" as Relient K says.  Jesus said "even as much as you do to the least of these you have done to me" as well as the verse in James that speaks of how we are supposed to help the "widowed and abandoned."  So why don't we?

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