Monday, April 19, 2010

Minor Things, Like Prophets

In recent times I have been reading in the minor prophets.  This was an interesting time (this week I've moved back to the NT).  I was reading there, trying to find some light on what the Israelites did, when they were confronted with everything that had happened to them in relation to them straying from God.

The crazy thing is, is that they really didn't do much, I mean what can you do?  Works don't get you into heaven, faith does.  So they can't just be like "here you are God, our good deeds, don't kill us now."  No, for forgiveness they actually had to sacrifice animals.

In the end though, grace and mercy was what God provided to get them through.  Cause they still did not follow him the way they were supposed to.  In the end, they spent over 500 years between the OT and NT without hearing from God.  How crazy is that?

Anyway, with all that being said, after spending the last semester and half reading and rereading the minor prophets, I realized yesterday that if I don't grow closer to Christ, then I will become just like the Israelites myself.  So I ended my reading of the minor prophets and began doing some studying across the four gospels this morning.

My favorite minor prophets were: HoseaJoel, and Obadiah

In fun news I'm going to be playing in a disc golf tournament this week, so hoorah!

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