Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend was spent with a group of youth from the church in Marvell, AR. and the surrounding Phillips County doing service projects.  The Southern Baptist Convention entitled the weekend "Connect" signifying connecting with, God, Students, and the Community.

It was a really exciting weekend.  During the weekend students are challenged to get outside of their comfort zones and go out within a community to complete construction type projects for area churches and residents.  This year over 200 students and their adult chaperones worked on 14 projects across the Arkansas Valley Association.

The projects ranged from painting to hanging sheet rock,  from cleaning to building gates.  The diversity within the projects allows for people of different skill levels to offer their assistance.

The area that was worked in is very poor, and in need of a positive light to be shown.  The students who participated from across the state provided that positive light.

This trip is very instrumental in showing students what it means to do missions, and it doesn't take a whole week to participate.  That's what makes the weekend truly exceptional.   This is a great trip for students to go on if they have never participated in missions before, in order for them to understand what it means to be mission minded.

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