Monday, April 5, 2010

Montana Pt. 2

So as stated in the last post, I am continuing with talking about Montana and things that I observed.

All of us were excited to be able to help out the church that we were staying with.  We hit the ground running, with no real plan on what we were doing, just knowing that we were helping.  That was a pretty exciting experience in itself.

What really got to us though was that we felt that the church that hosted us, served us more than we served them.  I have been on trips in the past where we were told what was expected of us and just left to get the work done.  While we were at the church though, there was someone there pretty much every waking moment, willing to answer questions to the best of their ability.  This really ministered to us, because it showed us not only that we were serving them, but they were appreciative of us, and thus serving us in return.  Simply put, they were loving us their "neighbors" as themselves: Matthew 22:34-40.

That subject is also something I used, when I spoke at the elementary chapel at the christian school.

Overall the trip was amazing and I really enjoyed everything that I learned, not only in what I posted above, but all the little moments with people on the trip.

(me speaking at chapel)

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