Sunday, January 16, 2011

Faith Without Works, well that just ain't happenin'

In case you didn't know, the title is from a Rich Mullins song.
Secondly, this is indirectly about faith, not an entire post about faith.

So I'm currently reading a book, it's popular, though I don't really care for you to know what it is, because it really isn't necessary to know what I'm reading at the moment.

Here is the deal though, and I wrote about this two years ago, but in a different setting, so continue reading after the next paragraph, cause I promise you, this is different.

There are a lot of good books out there, however if we as Christians aren't actively seeking the Scriptures and putting them into practice, what makes us think that reading a book is going to change that?

Maybe reading a book is what will change your mind, give you that jolt to change. However, more than likely you are going to get a spiritual high, much like the church camp high and then four months later be looking for the next new book to put you back in line. That's why every four to six months some new book that is going to revolutionize your Christian walk comes out. But they are needed, because for some reason the current believers think that this is one of the few ways they will suddenly draw closer to Christ, that or through worship, or a dynamic speaker to name a few.

So what am I saying here really? Following Christ, this faith that we supposedly have, first off is a choice. We aren't going to experience one of those three things I have listed above and become a true follower of Christ. No something has to take place between those two things happening and that is known as a choice. We have to choose to change, and then stick to that commitment. But for some reason as Christians we don't want to. We may try for a little while, and maybe even reach a deeper walk with Christ, but then it's like we mark the notch in our belt and go back to our old lifestyle.

Here's the deal, we are called to a life of change. Not a moment of change. So in essence faith without works, it just isn't happening: meaning, it's not a one time deal, it's not going to the salvation army and making food boxes, it's not helping with disaster relief, it's not donating to a homeless shelter.

What it is, is taking what we read in the Bible (because it has to start there, you can't start with something you read from a book, after all, how do you know if what you read in that book is Bible based) and making it a part of your lifestyle. And technically it shouldn't even be referenced as your lifestyle it should be referenced as Christ's lifestyle that you are trying to live (as Christians that is).

So here's the deal, please don't rant to me about how amazing the book you are reading is and how it revolutionizes what you think, until A. You are living out what the Bible teaches and B. You actually show me how that book you have read has truly revolutionized your life.

Am I saying that I'm to that point? Where I'm living out the Bible, no not at all. But I can tell you that until you are living daily (that's the hard part for me) what the Bible teaches, everything that you read in outside books, will be worth a fraction of what its worth when you are truly living Christ's lifestyle.

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