Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"There's Probably No God"

The above link is to the story about Ad's that Athiests have put on London's buses
The below link is one of the campaigns that Christians have put on London's buses, these ran during Christmas time

I'm having a hard time finding the ad campaign that was talked about that went on during the summer months. But I find this very interesting, something I would consider along the lines of atheists fighting to get the ten commandments off of public property... The two sectors are "fighting" for lack of better term, back and forth combating each others ads. But what I find even more interesting is the way that the atheists worded their phrase "There's probably no God" they're leaving themselves open, I mean they are saying "We really don't know if there isn't a God or not," I mean don't atheists believe that there is no God, or at least God in the sense that we believe in.

This is something that is key though, transparency is something that everyone needs to have.

(Wow it's all coming together now, this is soooooo crazy, if you read what I wrote last night, you'll see that I nearly wrote along the lines of what I'm about to say on Sunday night, but that wasn't the right time, all because this is when God wanted me to write about it.)

This is the main reason that outsiders, don't want to come to church. Because we aren't open with who we are, we try to hide behind this mighty "I'm righteous" persona that no one wants to be around. Simply because the atheists are willing to admit that they aren't sure if there is a God or not is a big deal. It would be along the lines of Joel Osteen standing up on National Television and saying "I'm a pastor, but I have committed *insert sin,* and Jesus still loves me. Or us putting an ad up apologizing for not being transparent enough like "Yes people sin, but we strive everyday with Christ's help to be more like him."

I watched this movie Sunday, about an Amish man who goes to Hollywood as a missionary. He ends up in the t.v. business, and starts going to parties and what not for "promotion" in the end, after months of doing so, he ends up messing up, getting drunk, and other things. The girl he is in love with is devastated, he says "I messed up, everyone messes up sometimes" and she says "not you" and leaves him, well he ends up with a job as a guy in a hot dog suit, and while standing out there, he realizes that he still has Christ with him, and that Jesus still loves him, and that he needs to keep carrying out His work. So he begins preaching there on the street corner, gets arrested, and this girl that he loves comes and bails him out. She realizes that yes everyone messes up, and at least he was transparent enough to let her know that, and that he isn't going to get drunk or anything else.

If Christians were transparent, and loving, and not self righteous people who hold their faith above the people who have "messed up" there would be a whole lot more openness to the Word.
If you read that first news clip, you'll see that the Methodists have encouraged the atheist ads because it will make people think about God, and whether or not they believe in Him. If we would be transparent with people who aren't sure, and not condemn them for being outsiders, then people would be a whole lot more receptive to the Word, and Christ's love.

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