Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is my Therapy (Blogging that is)

I don't post here as often as I should. I mean my last blog post was in February. However I will more than likely be blogging weekly this semester for a class. So look for a revamped blog with often posts coming then. At this point in time I have been writing a blog post a week for work, thus not really setting aside enough time to blog here. This is not an excuse, merely an explanation to cover what is to come.

On to blog time.

Honestly I never meant for this to become a blog about relationships. When dealing with relationships though is when I have the most on my mind to sort through typically.

What is worth fighting for in a relationship?
What does a Godly relationship look like?

Now I'm not just talking about like a significant other type relationship, but true friendship (which I consider to be a form of a relationship), and any other form of connection that could fit inside a relationship (such as family members ect.).

Now I'm not a relationship guru, honestly most would consider me a relationship dunce. I'm not good at maintaining relationships, I just kind of let them happen. Family relationships are the only things that I really put effort into. It's like I have expected relationships to work.

It hasn't been until this summer that I have really began to figure out what it means to maintain relationships. I have begun to notice things about relationships that I have so blindly missed before, that somehow now are beginning to make sense.

As someone in ministry, we aren't just simply expected to teach, we are called to be learning as well. The unique thing is standing before a group of people to teach them, and experiencing, (learning) what God has meant for you. This summer most of it has had a central focus on past relationship mistakes and how to overcome them.

Now I am beginning to see even clearer than before what makes a Godly relationship, and what is worth fighting for in a relationship. I have had it in my head at times that if a person really cares about the relationship that they will make sure it lasts. In the end this has just left me with a lot of unfulfilled relationships. A true relationship takes two people.

I have began trying this concept of making sure that if someone wants to develop a relationship with me, that I do my end to uphold that relationship. Fighting for the right things in a relationship and not for just what I want in a relationship. In doing so I have found more fulfilling friendships.

The key though to all of this has been taking the time to listen to what it is that God wants in my relationships, what he has been teaching me this summer. It has been a truly enlightening and personally growing experience. I'm excited to see what God has for future relationships.

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