Thursday, July 8, 2010

ReThink: Judging

So this evening I went shopping with the entire family (Mom, Dad, Abby, Laura, and our two foster kids). This is the second time I have done this. What I have noticed in the times that we have gone, is the amount of looks we get. Now I'm sure people with five children get alot of looks on their own, but seeing as Laura and I are close enough in age that during a majority of times that we hang out together people assume that we are dating one another. With us taking care of the two younger foster children as well you can tell as people stare that they are judging.

Admittedly there were alot of young couples with their children in Walmart this evening, but still this has no bearing on whether or not you should be judging someone. Someday I will be happily married Lord willing, and I probably won't be as moved by people staring at me and my wife/children (cause they'll be beautiful), but at the moment it is somewhat upsetting.

As Christians we should be looking on with concern, and not judgment. Afterall we know we are not the ones who judge. That part is Biblical. We should be engaging these people in conversation, seeing what their needs are, ministering to them. Instead the majority just stare and mull over in their minds about what mistakes, or what kind of lifestyle the person lives.

I know that after spending time with these children, I am able to empathize with the young ladies I know who are single parents, because I too have been judged by people, simply for walking around with a baby in my arms, not one thinking, that "hey on that 19 kids and counting show, they have a twenty year old and a newborn, the sweet little baby he's holding might actually be his sibling."

Once again, let me reiterate, we are called to care for these people, we are not called to judge. The Bible clearly states that we are to never judge as well as that we are to care for the widowed and orphaned.

This post comes before my "Church Camp" post that I hyped in my statuses. I apologize, hopefully I will have time tomorrow to finish up the Church Camp blog and get it posted. I will them begin to work on one about vacation. (I feel awfully behind at the moment).

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  1. Fear is what most people respond with, especially if there is something different from their reality of life they are comfortable with. We have six kids and have been judged by relatives and others, and it's hard at times. I see these situations at times an opportunity to challenge or minister to these people, try to get them to verbalize what they are thinking and have them own it. Anytime God can use us to reveal false or untruth in our thinking in others we all move closer to the truth.
    Thanks for sharing.