Monday, May 10, 2010

So I am currently reading Uprising by Erwin McManus.  I am slightly over half way through, and have been finding some pretty good stuff within the book for practical application.  Within the section A Quest for Honor is Chapter 5: Brave Hearts is the pages in the 90's. (good round section)

Within the chapter Erwin talks about Joshua, and how he took over watch
of the Israelites after Moses passing.

When we receive responsibility we get the idea that God is going to help us through. 
The thing is though, that if God trusts us with something, he expects us to do something with it. 
He isn't going to get up and do the work, sure it may be inspired by Him, but we have to do the work.

(Here is the book embedded)

This is an idea that I think people miss alot, they believe God's going to do something. 
The thing is, that with God inside of us, we are supposed to be doing something! 
Sure where two are gathered he will be there, but we are expected to act as well. 
If God has talented you with something, then you are supposed to be using it, you aren't 
supposed to sit around and expect someone to find you. They may find you, but chances 
are you have been running from God the entire time that you go without using your talent.

This is why the book is called Uprising. It brings forth ideas that are supposed to bring an Uprising from Christians. When God gives us a direction, we are supposed to start walking, we aren't supposed to sit there til he hands us everything on a plate. When Abraham was called he went, is what it said in Hebrews. So keep this in consideration as you seek what it is that God wants in your walk with Him. Don't be bashful, step up, and live out your faith.


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  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. God does expect us to do something. Maybe writing this blog is something He expects of you. May God Bless You.