Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lose Your Life Just So You Can Find It

So I've began to notice something, typically this happens when it's evident in my life.  Though recently it has been revealed to me through other means as well.  As the body of Christ we have a tendency to settle.  This idea is that essentially we have arrived and there is no need for us to do anything more.  The problem with this is that we have never arrived and there is a constant need for improvement.  If we meet one goal, we need to set another goal and meet it instead of reaching a goal and taking a break.   When we settle for what we have people see that and wonder why they need to strive for something better.  This can be shown evident through a typical Christian lifestyle, even though a person may profess Christianity their actions may not support that idea clearly.  If we as Christians were striving to be the best we could be we would be the examples that the world needs to see.  Instead the world has this idea of a corporate Christian who attends church services and gives donations of monetary goods as well as physical labor and then they go onto living a 9-5 lifestyle or whatever you would like to refer to it.  They end up in a place where they are not actively showing an example of Christianity, which coincidentally makes people believe that Christians are hypocritical and not wish to profess faith in Christianity.

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