Monday, March 16, 2009

Put Music to our Troubles and We'll Dance them Away

So last night, I went Swing Dancing at the Arlington in Hot Springs.
Swing dancing, originated during the Great Depression, and began to sweep the nation.
Dancing was viewed a a great cheap form of entertainment. Anyway, so we had just come from the International Food Bazaar, where some students at Henderson, had swung dance. Since they had been on stage, they were clothed in Depression era swing dance clothing, nice black dresses, and black slacks, shirts with ties, ect. Now all of us danced, but there was one song, where just these two couples from Henderson danced, while the Arlington bar, and dining area was packed full of people, listening to the music, talking laughing, and watching the dancing. I was standing there observing and I felt like, just during that song, I was back in the 1920's, watching these two couples dance their hearts out. Unaware of the Depression that the rest of the world was in. These people, dressed so fine, could've been part of Capone's gang, staying across the street. No telling who these classy people were, dancing to the latest, hippest music around. The people in the crowd, though dressed strangely (for they were still in 21st century attire) knew nothing of these gifted dancers, all they cared about were their drinks, and living in that moment. Then the song ended, and I realized, though the building hasn't changed much, and the people were dressed in the attire from that time, that we were in 2009.

Back in 2009, where we are approaching what could be the next biggest depression. This is a time and place, here within the walls of the Arlington, where the world is forgotten. All you are doing is living in a moment suspended in a time, nearly 80 years ago. Where the band plays, and the people dance, and the troubles of the world are left behind.

(Title from The Ghost by mewithoutYou)

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