Monday, December 20, 2010


So I spent a majority of my day today preparing to apply for internships.  Specifically with Compassion International .  I felt during the day like I had accomplished nothing.  This lead to a succession of thoughts for the rest of the evening.  (Just so you know once I finally submitted three applications, I felt that I had accomplished something).

What we do defines us.  We have heard it a thousand times (or at least I have).  I know that I am a person who enjoys ministry, the outdoors and being with people.  So when I am doing things that are the opposite of that, I feel like I am accomplishing nothing.  I feel this way because it's not who I am.  If we allow busy work (school, jobs, ect) to be all that we focus on and do, then that is what we become; Students, workers ect.

So what does this mean.  Well first as Christians, this should mean that we are Christ like; in everything. However, a majority of the time we settle, at least that's what I do.  We do what is convenient for us, (based on the worlds standards of course).  If we were followers of Christ first in our lives (which is what should be our first definer)  then the rest of our life will follow suit, in accordance to what God wants.

I think this is why I enjoy ministry so much (for as much as it frustrates me).  I believe that if I wasn't so excited about ministry, I would not be excited about Christ, and vise versa.  This would in turn cause me to be the work and school focused person, that is no longer defined as anything.

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