Friday, November 26, 2010

I Bought a Wii: Part 2

It just amazes me though the amount of money that people spend on things that they don't really need.  Do I need a Wii? No, not particularly.  But it's going to be fun right? That's what it's all about right, is enjoying yourself?

Some people would say yes, "Seth you need to lighten up and live alittle."  Others would say "What a waste, you could spend that money elsewhere for greater things"  

I can't decide which line I land on.  A majority of the time I try to live my life as a minimalist (until something catches my eye).  

This is something that I think our country has caught a glimpse of with the recession, but I don't believe they have completely grasped it.  At least not from the shopping crowds that I have seen.  

But my generation in particular have taken grasp of this idea of less is more.  They almost run towards it, which is something I enjoy (but creates a marketing nightmare).  

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